ATVs on Vermont's town roads: It's NOT worth it.

Morristown, Vermont votes NO (1377 - 414) to allowing recreational ATVs on some town roads on December , 2021.

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Bill and I decided to drive to Newport for their fireworks display. We arrived 3 hrs early and parked at the bank parking lot opposite Wendy’s eatery. We were not aware of the Newport ordinance allowing in city ATV travel. We were appalled, disappointed by the continuous ATV traffic allowed on the main thoroughfare. Why would one want to be driving an ATV among the normal flow of traffic in a city setting? So, with time on my hands, I looked up and read the ATV Newport ordinance. Two regulations mentioned seemed to be repeatedly ignored; lack of hand signals and wearing of helmets. We found the revving of the engines of the ATVs very disruptive to the city’s celebration.  I can tell you we will not be frequenting Newport; spend our money elsewhere.

Sharon Rowell, Morristown, VT resident

Several Homeowners have mentioned they have to keep their windows closed Fri. through Mon. as there is so much more dirt that is kicked up and pours through their windows requiring excessive cleaning. Some days are similar to living at a Thunder Road. There is no escaping the loud totally recognizable, unmistakable, high decibel noise and whirling wine of each of the ATVs - some louder than the largest trucks. "

Cynthia Cloutier, Silver Ridge Road, Morrisville, VT, 9/12/2020, FrontPorchForum

A June 2020 press release from the UVM Medical Center states:

The only time an ATV should be on a road is to cross it.

"As ATV injuries climb threefold so far this year [2020], Vermonters are advised to follow safety precautions while riding" 6/23/20 VTDigger

To expect people to see their government suddenly draft and pass laws, when your only opportunity to get informed and participate is to try to go through and get somewhere on Zoom for three minutes, to us, just stands the whole idea of democracy on its head."

Peter Hillman, Pownal, VT, 6/15/2020, VtDigger

The casual observer may have noticed that opening roads to ATVs has increased illegal ATV use in Orleans County. A call to the sheriff can confirm. Violations observed include riding through state waters in a wildlife management area, and driving on state highways and town roads not open to ATVs.”

Steve Wright, 3/1/2019 VtDigger